– The deadline in each category closes on July 24th

– The selection will be announced in September and will become part of the official catalog to which more than 7,000 professionals have access

The 11th edition of 3D Wire, International Animation, Videogames and New Media Market, officially opens its calls for projects. The contest to be held in Segovia (Spain) from September 30th to October 6th 2019, will receive until July 24th projects in three different sections: animation and video games, transmedia and online series.

The call for animation, virtual reality and videogames/apps projects is once again a cultural bridge, thanks to its Luso-Spanish scope. For its part, the category of European transmedia & new media projects continues to be a great continental reference on new trends, while the international section of online animation series keeps Átomo Network as its main collaborator.

The deadline for the three calls is on July 24th. Later, in the month of September, the organization will announce the official selection that will be included in the catalog to which each year more than 7,000 professionals have access.



The selection of animation and video game projects in the market is open to all types of works (in their different stages of production), but only those coming from companies or producers registered in Spanish or Portuguese territory will be valid. The maximum number of applications that can be submitted is 3 projects per company and having the same title in different categories is not allowed.

In the terms of participation all animation techniques and formats are accepted in the categories of short films, feature films, animation series and video games, as well as apps and projects developed in virtual reality where the animation has a remarkable presence.

In the VR (Virtual Reality) category may participate both short films or audiovisual pieces of a narrative nature, such as experiences or video games where the animation is very present.

Of the projects received a selection will be made and published in the 3D Wire Market catalog, in order to promote and help the distribution. These works, in addition to being able to aim to different recognitions, may be included among the presentations that during the market will be carried out by their own creators or could receive business and creative advice from international experts in animation and video games, with different professional profiles (producers , distributors, buyers, publishers, televisions, etc.).

The public entity, RTVE, maintains one more year its interactive prizes to the most innovative project of videogame/app, and VR videogame. These recognitions are granted by the interactive media department of RTVE; where the selected project can be presented to the Directorate of Interactives of RTVE.

Besides, Movistar+ supports the call for the fourth consecutive year by giving the Movistar+ Short Film Project Award. The short film selected in this section will obtain the acquisition of the emission rights by Movistar+ for an amount of 9,000 euros during the term of 2 years and unlimited number of passes, being the first year exclusively for the aforementioned channel. In addition, the work will be officially released in the 2020 or 2021 edition of the 3D Wire Market. Last edition, this recognition was obtained by The Watchmaker, by Maxi Valero.

Along with these awards, will also be given the Best Young Creator Series Project. The prize will be chosen among all the participating projects of animation series whose director or producer is their first or second series and will receive a free accreditation for the next edition of Annecy-MIFA (professional accreditation MIFA).


3D Wire also opens its call for European New Media, Innovative & Transmedia projects. The borders between animation, video games and new media are increasingly more subtle, creating a single industry of greater power and projection. In addition, the way content is consumed and shared is constantly evolving, becoming more interactive.

With these premises, the projects are no longer conceived as animation or video games in a unilateral sense, but as transmedia products; which also involves new technologies and advanced supports such as augmented reality, 3D printing, gamification, app toys, wearables …

The main objective of this call is to promote the European market of animation and video games, increase the visibility and circulation of projects from the European Union and help find new partners to finance, develop and create strong European IPs of transmedia projects.

The call includes all animation projects, video games or new applications of technology that complete and reinforce the experience and transmedia development. In any case, projects must be related to animation or video games.

To participate, the projects must be carried out by European producers or be co-produced with European countries. They must also be designed to be distributed on two or more platforms.



3D Wire completes its calls with the online animation series, open to everyone, but with a maximum of three works per candidate company.

Átomo Network, as the main collaborator, will award a series of recognitions to the best online animation series: Átomo Network Award, for the best web series in any language other than Spanish; and Premio Robot Atómico, for the best web series in Spanish.

For both awards, the series must be aimed at a Teen (12+) or adult (18+) target, but in no case Kids (6-11) or Preschool series.

The Átomo Network Award includes the Átom statuette, the dubbing and publication of the series in Spanish (neutral) on the Átomo Network Channel and the option of co-production in case of successful publication of the series. It will be essential that there are at least 5 episodes produced to qualify for this award.

The Premio Robot Atómico includes the Atom statuette. If the series already has five or more episodes produced, the option to publish the series will be granted on the YouTube channel Atom Network Network through a distribution agreement with the subsequent distribution of revenues between the series and Atom Network.

These recognitions will be awarded among those online animation series projects that express their desire to participate and accept the conditions of the Átomo Network awards.

In addition, 3D Wire and Átomo Network will award the Átomo Grand Prix, to the best web series presented at the Festival, rewarding the technical and artistic merit. The winning series will receive the exclusive statuette of Atom Network and 3D Wire.


Calle Batalla del Salado nº3, esc B, 6ºB. Madrid.


Centro cultural La Beneficència (Market, conferences)

C/ de la Corona, 36. Valencia

Filmoteca Valenciana. Edificio Rialto (WFest, screenings)

Plaça de l’Ajuntament, 17. Valencia

IVAM – Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (Showroom)

C/ de Guillem de Castro, 118. Valencia



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