The selection of animation and video game projects in the market is open to all types of works (in their different stages of production), but only those coming from companies or producers registered in Spanish or Portuguese territory will be valid. The maximum number of applications that can be submitted is 3 projects per company and you cannot participate with the same title in various categories.

In the terms of participation all animation techniques and formats are accepted in the categories of short films, feature films, animation series and video games.

Of the projects received a selection will be made and published in the Weird Market catalog, in order to promote and help the distribution. These works, in addition to being able to aim to different recognitions, may be included among the presentations that during the market will be carried out by their own creators or could receive business and creative advice from international experts in animation and video games, with different professional profiles (producers , distributors, buyers, publishers, televisions, etc.).

The public entity, RTVE, maintains one more year its interactive awards to the most innovative project of video game and VR video game. These recognitions are granted by the interactive media department of RTVE; where the selected project can be presented to the Directorate of Interactives of RTVE.

Besides, Movistar+ supports the call for the fifth consecutive year by giving the Movistar+ Short Film Project Award. The short film selected in this section will obtain the acquisition of the emission rights by Movistar+ for an amount of 9,000 euros during the term of 2 years and unlimited number of passes, being the first year exclusively for the aforementioned channel. In addition, the work will be officially released in the 2021 or 2022 edition of the Weird Market. Last edition, this recognition was obtained by Leopoldo el del bar, by Diego Porral.

Along with these awards, will also be given the Best Young Creator Series Project. The prize will be chosen among all the participating projects of animation series whose director or producer is their first or second series and will receive a free accreditation for the next edition of Annecy-MIFA (professional accreditation MIFA).


Weird (previously known as 3D Wire) turns 12 years old. From this 12th edition on, the market will be much more than animation, video games and new media, including new sectors such as board games or comics. That is why it becomes WEIRD, a new name that welcomes great ideas and IPs regardless of their origin.

One more year, Weird organizes the 12th edition of the Weird International Animation, Video Games and New Media Market in Segovia, Spain, from September 28th to October 4th 2020. The objective of the meeting is to create collaborations between distributors, producers, TV channels, Programmers, video game developers, students and animation directors, international and national.

Weird Market dedicates this call to new Portuguese-Spanish animation projects (feature films, short films or series) and video games that want to be known in their different states of production: in pre-production, production or finalized.

From the projects received a selection that will be published in the catalogue of Weird Market will be made, in order to promote and assist the distribution of the national and Portuguese industry of animation and video games. Special attention will be given to innovative projects

From this selection of projects, which will be reflected in the publication, will be extracted two other listings: 

  1. Projects that will be presented during the market by its creators. 
  2. Projects that will be selected to receive creative and business advice from experts. 

All projects in the publication will be eligible for both lists. These lists will be restricted only to some of the projects presented. The same project can be chosen for both or just one. 

The publication is distributed in the main festivals and international animation, video games and new media markets in addition to its free online distribution that reaches more than 7,000 professionals each year. The purpose of the publication is to make known in these events the excellent Portuguese-Spanish production of animation and video games and to be able to put in contact its creators with distributors, buyers and co-producers.


2.1. The selection of animation and video games projects of the market is open to all kind of Portuguese-Spanish projects, in their different states of production, understood by these: pre-production, production or finalized.

2.2. All animation techniques (3D, 2D, stop motion…) and all types of video games are accepted in the participating projects. 

2.3. All formats: short films, feature films, animated series and video games are accepted, VR video games projects will be able to participate in the video games section.

2.4. Each project can only be registered in a single category and in a single state of production, it cannot be repeated in the next edition of the market (except in the case of feature films). Transmedia projects should fill the appropriated form.

2.5. The maximum number of participating projects per company will be three titles.

2.6. Only projects of producers or studies registered in Spanish or Portuguese territory will be valid. 

2.7. There is no entry fee.

2.8. The deadline for registration and submission of materials is July 24th, 2020.


3.1. The materials that will be necessary to complete the registration for each category are detailed in the regulations of the call. The submission of this documentation is mandatory to formalize the request.

3.2. Sending extra material that helps to know better the project like graphic materials, teaser, trailer, working demo, etc. will be positively valued.

3.3. All materials should be sent to: All documentation must be sent in a single pdf document except for the two images.


4.1. The selection committee will be formed by professionals and specialists in animation and video games.

4.2. The selected works will appear with their information sheet and contact information in the Weird Market catalogue.

4.3. Producers or authors must ensure that they are in legal possession of the project rights, including those indirectly related (for example, music).

4.4. The audiovisual and additional material of each of the selected titles may be available to professionals accredited in the video library of the event, unless the creators indicate otherwise.


5.1. The authors of the selected projects will be able to count on a free accreditation for Weird 2020. Only one accreditation per project and a maximum of three accreditations per company will be granted.

5.2. All authors of selected projects will be able to go to the market and have meeting points to meet with producers, programmers, distributors, publishers and other professionals present.

5.3. All professionals who need more information or wish to go to the Weird Market 2020 can contact us at:


6.1. The selected projects will be published on the website in September 2020.

6.2. To the projects selected to be presented during the market by their creators, the organization will provide transportation, accommodation and meals for a representative.


7.1. Movistar+ Short Film Project Award

Movistar+ supports for the fifth consecutive year the call granting the Movistar+ Short Film Project Award to the best national short film. The short film selected in this section will obtain the acquisition of the rights of emission by Movistar+ for an amount of 9,000 euros during the term of 2 years and unlimited number of passes, being the first year in exclusivity for the aforementioned channel. The national premiere of the winning short film should be done in Weird, in either of the next two editions (2021 or 2022). Which means that the short film can be released outside Spanish territory before Weird.

The award will be granted between those short film projects that express their desire to participate and accept the conditions of the prize (above mentioned).

7.2. RTVE Awards to the most innovative Video Game and VR Video Game project

The public entity, RTVE, keeps its interactive awards to the most innovative video game project and VR video game, respectively, for another year. These awards are granted by the Interactive Media Department of RTVE; Where the selected project can be presented to the Interactive Directorate of RTVE.

7.3. Free accreditation Annecy – MIFA 2021 to the Best Series Project

For the third consecutive year, among all the participant animation series projects whose director or production company is their first or second series, it will be granted the recognition to the Best Young Creator Animation Series Project, offering a free accreditation for the next edition of Annecy-MIFA (MIFA professional accreditation).

7.4. Other awards may be given in this call. These will be communicated to all participants via email in addition to being announced on the website and Weird social networks.


8.1. Weird in its bet for the sector and its support to the Portuguese-Spanish animation and video games industry returns to enable the space of showroom during October 2nd and 3rd.

8.2. The selection of showroom participants will take place among all the projects received in the category of video games that have applied for its place in the registration process.

If any project selected from another category (short film, feature film or series) would like to participate in the showroom, you can write to to request it and the organization will evaluate the possibility.

8.3. Only those projects that are in production or finished state can be part of this exhibition space.

8.4. The name of these projects will be known in the month of September.


9.1. Participation in the call for projects, with the sending of materials and the registration made, implies the full acceptance of these regulations.

9.2. The person signing the work must have the necessary rights on the work to present it.

9.3. Weird doesn’t reserve any ownership of the work, except for publication in the catalog.

9.4. The registration form of the specific project must be completed in order to participate in the call.


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tel:  +34 910 026 801


Palacio Quintanar
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Avenida Juan Carlos I s/n. Segovia



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