email: info@unmemory.info
link:   | unmemory.info

looking for: PROMOTION
platforms: ANDROID, IOS, PC
target: +16
production country: SPAIN

unmemory is a text-driven game that mixes puzzles and reading to immerse you in a thriller story. You need to read to overcome challenging puzzles and move forward in a mystery where image, sound and interactive functions are carefully interwoven into the narrative. unmemory tells the story of person who is tracking down the man who murdered his girlfriend. The difficulty, however, of locating the killer is compounded by the fact that he suffers from memory loss. Using notes, pictures and recorded messages he will have to solve the mystery and maybe discover an uncomfortable truth.


Calle Batalla del Salado nº3, esc B, 6ºB. Madrid.
tel:  +34 910 026 801
email: info@weirdmarket.es


Palacio Quintanar
Calle San Agustín s/n esquina Plaza Conde Cheste. Segovia.

Museo Zuloaga
Iglesia de San Juan de los Caballeros
Plaza Colmenares 2. Segovia

La Cárcel Segovia Centro de Creación
Sala Julio Michel
Avenida Juan Carlos I s/n. Segovia



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