Next Lab is a platform that connects art and technology in the animation industry and digital content. A select group of projects, already visually developed, will receive advice on how to be produced, applying R + D + i, extensive knowledge of the market and the latest technology. These projects will be implemented making them more viable and competitive thanks to the cost and time savings applied in the workshop. We will use modeling and animation tools in the VR environment together with real-time video game engines in order to produce an animated or pilot piece of the project

Next Lab offers, in addition to workshops, actions such as face-to-face events, online conferences, training sessions and networking sessions.

Phase I (September 2020 – February 2021) will take place in Madrid and will focus on the use of VR, XR and AR tools together with the use of video game rendering engines for prototyping and production of animation and VFX.

If you want more information, you can contact us through our mail or follow us on our social networks.


Calle Batalla del Salado nº3, esc B, 6ºB. Madrid.
tel:  +34 910 026 801


Palacio Quintanar
Calle San Agustín s/n esquina Plaza Conde Cheste. Segovia.

Museo Zuloaga
Iglesia de San Juan de los Caballeros
Plaza Colmenares 2. Segovia

La Cárcel Segovia Centro de Creación
Sala Julio Michel
Avenida Juan Carlos I s/n. Segovia



RT @taletronic qué pasó en bitsommar? no lo sabréis hasta que tengáis la suerte de vivirlo, pero este precioso artículo escrito por @_Twinsen_ os puede dar una idea…

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Cuatro cortos españoles de animación, en la Selección Oficial de Pixelatl 2021

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