The 1st WEIRD GAMES is here! Do not miss the opportunity to participate in these Olympics outdoor freaks where you can promote networking while having fun. Stop by the WEIRD GAMES Office in the courtyard of the Quintanar Palace to sign up for competitions! there are very limited places! but if you run out of championship, don’t worry we have several “sports on display” in which you can participate. And yes, we will have an open bar to liven up ? sponsored by Welaw.

Attentive to the networks, we will soon announce the juicy awards


Registration and WEIRD GAMES information:

  • Patio of the Palacio de Quintanar, WEIRD GAMES Office
  • Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th and Saturday 5th (only in the morning)

Olympic and exhibition competitions:

  • Garden of the Zuloaga
  • Saturday 5 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Olympic Sports

with prior registration, final and juicy awards

Croquet (Sponsored by HP)

Five o’clock has arrived, you have drunk your tea cup at a sip, and you have fastened the blazer. You are ready to beat anyone in an exciting and polite game of Crockett! Who knows, you may take home a brand new computer.

PRIZE: Workstation HP ZBook X2

Hoop Launch (Garden chito)

Do you remember those summers in town with nostalgia? Do you miss throwing things at other things? Don’t worry, Weird Games brings you the game you were looking for. Fun, laughs, and even prizes and medals. It had never been so easy to get into the history books.

PRIZE: one medal and a 3D Wire Kit

Table football

Have you ever thought about dedicating yourself professionally to table football? Well, now you can win a formidable prize by forming your duo. Who are you going to fool to defend the goal?

PRIZE: One ham and two medals

Street fighter

Tie a bathrobe ribbon on your head, tear off the sleeves of the shirt, and spread the cloth. Do not worry if you do not carry the 100 pesetas coin, we already put that one. And you, do you think you are the strongest in 3DWire?

PRIZE: medal, 3D Wire 2019 T-shirt and a street fighter art book

Duck fishing

Wax on, wax off… so we were taught that practice makes perfect. But times have changed and now the challenge is to improve your patience in front of some elusive ducks with just a fishing rod. Complete your medal table and become champion of this millenary art.

PRIZE: one WEIRD accreditation (with meals and acomodation) and a medal

Exhibition sports

without prior registration

In the Weird Games you can become part of the elite of the most unexpected games this October. But if you have not come to destroy the dreams of other athletes, do not worry. In the field there will also be different games for all of you. Scalextric of the mushroom kingdom, funny tabletop games and even a pinball table. Of course, if you want medals you will have to register in the tournaments.

Other activities

Provisioning area

Every good athletes needs a moment to gain strength and hydrate, and what better way to hydrate than with a refreshment sponsored by Welaw.

We offer open bar from 18:00 – 19:00 (water, soft drinks, wine and beer). Do not worry, from 19:00 to 21:00 the bar will remain open for those who want to spend some rupees, sorry, euros!

Test the Weird Games: Food Training!

A quirky game, developed by courtesy of Flying Beast Labs, where you will have to make toasters or score a point by throwing chickens against the goal, facing a very, very special and well-known 3DWire character. Get your personalized card with your scores to show off in front of the rest of the event’s visitors!


Calle Batalla del Salado nº3, esc B, 6ºB. Madrid.
tel:  +34 910 026 801


La Cárcel Segovia Centro de Creación
Avenida Juan Carlos I s/n. Segovia



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